Employment Law

Employment Law

Introducing Our
Employment Law Team

TDP regularly provides advice and representation to both employees and employers in this continually evolving area of law.

Workplace issues can often lead to disputes or Court action in relation to termination of employment or contracts; wage or other financial entitlement claims; or working conditions and leave entitlements. We understand how difficult it can be for employers or employees to know their rights and entitlements in many situations. Our team can provide you with practical advice on all workplace problems, including;

  • Reviewing and drafting employment agreements and contracts
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • General Protections Claims
  • Workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment claims
  • Termination of Employment
  • Redundancy entitlements
  • Claims for unpaid leave or other entitlements
  • Rights of employees on a sale of a business
  • Work Health and Safety Issues
  • Superannuation claims

There are strict time limits imposed by legislation during which you must commence proceedings for most workplace claims.
It is vital for employees and employers to be fully aware of their respective rights and obligations. If you are unsure about where you stand, contact TDP’s Employment Law team today.

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