Contested Estates

Contested Estates

Introducing Our
Contested Estates Team

At TDP we provide expert advice and representation in Contested Estates. We have decades of experience acting for both Executors and Claimants. Often these matters can be an emotional time for our clients and we pride ourselves on treating our clients’ case in a personal, caring and professional manner.

Will Disputes

To dispute a Will is to challenge the validity of the Will. This may be on the basis that the maker of the Will lacked testamentary capacity at the time they made the Will, or the maker of the Will was under “undue influence” when they made the Will, or the Will has been forged.

Estate Disputes

To make a claim on an Estate is to apply to the Court for an order that you be provided for out of the Estate or if you have received something under the deceased’s Will, to apply for an order that you receive more.

Our experience and expertise in this field of law enables us to quickly tell whether you have a viable claim. We will then provide you with practical and realistic advice regarding your claim and what you can expect if you want to proceed.

Please be aware that strict time limits apply so obtaining early advice is essential.

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