The power of the granny flat


Australia’s population has been aging for decades; a trend that continues to accelerate as life expectancy grows and young couples delay parenthood in favour of lifestyle.   As a result, accommodation for the growing elderly demographic is likely to become an increasingly vexed question. There’s only so many spots available in aged care facilities; many [...]

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Class Action Against AMP


Most Australians are now aware of the disturbing practices uncovered during the recent Royal Commission into misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The findings effectively amounted to unscrupulous operators overcharging clients and providing financial advice that was not in the best interests of their customers, but instead geared toward promoting other products [...]

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Domestic Violence and the Workplace


If an employee’s personal life is difficult, their performance at work will most likely suffer. Far from the office and well behind closed doors, domestic violence can have a devastating impact on anyone’s ability to function day-to-day, let alone work. We’ve learned a lot about the incidence and effects of domestic violence in recent years. [...]

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Negative Gearing and the 2019 Federal Election


Negative gearing is a genuine point of difference between the two contenders in the upcoming Federal Election. The Coalition Government has promised to keep it. The Labor Opposition has vowed to abolish it for all properties – apart from properties that are currently negatively geared and brand new ones purchased after 1 January 2020. The [...]

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Parental property gifts and divorce


Whether it is in the mainstream media, at a dinner party, or even during small talk with a brief acquaintance - barely a day goes by when we aren’t reminded about the prohibitive cost of housing in Australia. Parents understand their children face a much, much tougher task to buy a property than any previous [...]

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Workplace Drug Testing


The spate of tragedies at music festivals during the recent summer months sparked a ferocious debate over acceptable measures for drug and alcohol testing. But in the workplace – where sobriety is demanded – policies are more clear-cut. Or are they? Do employers really know their rights and obligations when it comes to determining whether [...]

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A cautionary message to would-be franchisors


When it comes to corporate shock and awe in 2019, the appalling findings of the Banking Royal Commission will be impossible to top. But around the same time as the fall-out from unethical banking practices was being felt, another sector of the business community was exposed for equally unethical behavior. Midway through March, a Senate [...]

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Pets and Divorce


Dogs have long been known as ‘Man’s Best Friend’, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee hubby will get custody of Fido in the event of a marriage breakdown. The dilemma of who gets the family pet is beyond the grasp of age-old clichés and requires some careful foresight if you want the best chance of maintaining [...]

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Tax debt shifts and divorce


Complex and traumatic. Both are extreme adjectives. Yet sadly enough, they accurately describe the emotions parties to a marriage breakdown experience when trying to reach a financial settlement before the courts. Now, this already difficult area of law has become a little more treacherous. A recent High Court case has determined that tax debts owed [...]

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Recent changes to workplace law


Australian employers will need to be on their toes more than ever this year, as a host of changes to Workplace Law and Modern Awards are bedded down. They include: Casual Conversion From 1 October 2018 ‘regular’ casual employers assumed the right to request conversion to full-time or part-time roles. This right only applies to [...]

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