Recent changes to Employment Law


Employment law can change rapidly. The end of 2018 saw major changes affecting the rights and responsibilities of casual employees and employers alike. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in January, casual workers enjoyed an 11 percent increase in average earnings between 2016 and 2018. That’s nearly three times the [...]

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Prenups can bring security and confidence to a relationship


A prenuptial agreement – colloquially known as a ‘pre-nup’ – is not a warm and fuzzy concept. In fact, many people in a blossoming relationship would regard the mere suggestion as romantic heresy. Why sabotage our future by planning for its end?! But there’s another way of viewing a pre-nup: as security. Security is a [...]

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Contesting estates – lessons from recent trends


What do the late trio Peter Brock, Bart Cummings and Reg Grundy have in common? Apart from being household names, each of these famous Australians had their estates contested by surviving family members. Disputes over wills is perhaps the fastest growing area of legal practice in Australia. A recent article in The Australian reported that [...]

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Life-long implications of festival drug offences


The shocking and highly publicised deaths of five young people during this summer’s festival season demonstrates the ongoing importance of educating young people on the grave health risks associated with party drugs. This recent spate of tragedies has seen police dramatically increase their efforts to stamp out illegal drug use and possession at these events, [...]

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Recent changes to Property Law


Often referred to as the Great Australian Dream, home ownership in Australia is celebrated by many as one of life’s major milestones. We’re a nation of property investors, with many Australians investing in property as a source of long-term financial stability. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of real estate, property investment is also a trend [...]

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Tonkin Drysdale celebrates 60 years


Sixty years ago, on 13 July 1958, Philip Tonkin founded a legal practice in the sleepy seaside town of Woy Woy on the New South Wales Central Coast. Then called P.D Tonkin & Co., the world was a different place – television had been in Australia for only two years, the world watched as the [...]

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Another Successful TDP Footy Tipping Comp


This year we hosted for the 16th straight year the TDP NRL Footy Tipping Competition.A total of 199 punters entered the competition for the top prize of $2,000.00 plus bragging rights.Total prize money of $5,440.00 was handed out at our presentation night at Everglades Country Club on Friday 8 September 2017.We were joined on [...]

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Changes to Driver Licence Disqualification


Changes have been introduced to the periods of disqualification of drivers’ licenses in October 2017. The changes provide that in some cases, drivers who have had their licence disqualified by a court, may apply to the Local Court for the removal of their existing period of disqualification. Depending on the offence, the driver must [...]

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Moving with children after seperation


After separation, often one parent will want to move away from the place where the family live together, perhaps for support from that parent’s family or friends, for employment opportunity or to start over in a more familiar place. In family law this is called relocation. The relocation will often make it more difficult [...]

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Lee Pawlak – Accredited Specialist


I was appointed an Accredited Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of NSW in October 2017. “Specialist Accreditation” is a special title that helps the public identify lawyers that have demonstrated expertise in their area of law. To be acknowledged as an accredited specialist a lawyer must have worked in the field [...]

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