Workplace Drug Testing


The spate of tragedies at music festivals during the recent summer months sparked a ferocious debate over acceptable measures for drug and alcohol testing. But in the workplace – where sobriety is demanded – policies are more clear-cut. Or are they? Do employers really know their rights and obligations when it comes to determining whether [...]

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A cautionary message to would-be franchisors


When it comes to corporate shock and awe in 2019, the appalling findings of the Banking Royal Commission will be impossible to top. But around the same time as the fall-out from unethical banking practices was being felt, another sector of the business community was exposed for equally unethical behavior. Midway through March, a Senate [...]

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Pets and Divorce


Dogs have long been known as ‘Man’s Best Friend’, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee hubby will get custody of Fido in the event of a marriage breakdown. The dilemma of who gets the family pet is beyond the grasp of age-old clichés and requires some careful foresight if you want the best chance of maintaining [...]

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Tax debt shifts and divorce


Complex and traumatic. Both are extreme adjectives. Yet sadly enough, they accurately describe the emotions parties to a marriage breakdown experience when trying to reach a financial settlement before the courts. Now, this already difficult area of law has become a little more treacherous. A recent High Court case has determined that tax debts owed [...]

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Recent changes to workplace law


Australian employers will need to be on their toes more than ever this year, as a host of changes to Workplace Law and Modern Awards are bedded down. They include: Casual Conversion From 1 October 2018 ‘regular’ casual employers assumed the right to request conversion to full-time or part-time roles. This right only applies to [...]

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A big shake-up for the property development industry


Incoming legislation designed to give ‘off-the-plan’ property buyers more safeguards is a big – and some might argue long-overdue - win for purchasers in NSW. But what about vendors? How will the changes affect their obligations, and, ultimately, their bottom line? If not addressed carefully, these new laws could turn out to be very costly [...]

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Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace


Accepted behavioural protocols have changed radically over the past five years. The rise of social campaigns such as #MeToo, which urge victims of historical abuse or harassment to speak out, has forced many powerful individuals and institutions to re-evaluate their behaviour. As a result, standards and expectations have been drastically adjusted. Much of the change [...]

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Not all redundancies are entitled to payouts


For employers and employees alike, it’s the norm to equate the awkward concept of redundancy with a cheque of reasonably generous proportions. On the surface at least, it seems fair that staff should receive some level of payout to assist them through a possibly uncertain period of unemployment until another job opportunity arises. But for [...]

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Recent changes to Employment Law


Employment law can change rapidly. The end of 2018 saw major changes affecting the rights and responsibilities of casual employees and employers alike. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in January, casual workers enjoyed an 11 percent increase in average earnings between 2016 and 2018. That’s nearly three times the [...]

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Prenups can bring security and confidence to a relationship


A prenuptial agreement – colloquially known as a ‘pre-nup’ – is not a warm and fuzzy concept. In fact, many people in a blossoming relationship would regard the mere suggestion as romantic heresy. Why sabotage our future by planning for its end?! But there’s another way of viewing a pre-nup: as security. Security is a [...]

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