Termination or Demotion?


Too often, trying to please everyone inflicts the reverse result. One instance in Workplace Law where this painful reality can play out is in the case of demoting underperforming employees. The practice sounds reasonable enough: a staffer fails to meet the requirements of their role and is duly demoted to a lesser position, with reduced [...]

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Lee Pawlak receives state-wide recognition as part of elite Family Law advisory committee


Tonkin Drysdale Partners’ Partner Lee Pawlak has heightened his reputation as one of the Central Coast’s top Family Law experts, recently completing his role overseeing assessments for the NSW Law Society’s Family Law Specialist Accreditation Advisory Committee for 2019. State-wide, Lee is one of just 14 Accredited Specialists in Family Law to sit on the [...]

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The Gender Agenda


Jan Crowley’s career was almost over before it began. Working for a regional NSW council in the mid-1960s, she was forced to resign upon getting married. Unsurprisingly, the same rule didn’t apply to her new husband. The community mindset at the time was that a wife’s work belonged in the house. But Jan didn’t cease [...]

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How phones can still land drivers in strife


Buckle-up drivers , it looks like we could be in for a bumpy ride when it comes to the rigid enforcement of NSW Road Rules. In the past month, two high-profile incidents on our roads have created the impression that highway patrol officers are cracking down severely on distracted drivers. And before you jump to [...]

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Domestic Violence Victims


It’s rare for a party to run the gauntlet in a courtroom by representing themselves. Rare, but not unheard of. One area where the practice does happen with reasonable frequency is family law. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, there were 173 instances of self-representation in the Federal Family Law courts between 2015 [...]

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The Daddy Of All Questions


The clouded question of whether a sperm donor can be classified as a parent is a little clearer following a landmark High Court ruling. Masson v Parsons involved a man who donated his sperm to a long-term female friend, enabling her to give birth to a daughter. The woman (Parsons) subsequently entered into a same-sex [...]

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Apartment buyers beware!


It’s not one of those catastrophes whose havoc is readily identifiable. It’s not a sudden death, the loss of employment, or a family split. But it’s not everyday hundreds of residents suddenly find themselves homeless and bereft of all but their most precious belongings. But somehow, it’s happened twice to Sydney residents in the past [...]

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What happens when a trust goes bust


Provided they can afford the outlay of creating one, trusts can be a handy corporate structure for business owners. They offer indemnity and tax benefits. What they don’t offer is complete refuge from satisfying outstanding employee claims in the event of insolvency. It’s been a vexed question for decades: do trusts have the same obligations [...]

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Selling your small business


We read a lot about selling big assets like houses and cars; the scams, the tricks, and the how-to guides.   But for the growing number of Australians choosing to go in alone in their professional life, selling their business can be the most complex and personal transaction they’ll ever encounter.   While houses and [...]

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The power of the granny flat


Australia’s population has been aging for decades; a trend that continues to accelerate as life expectancy grows and young couples delay parenthood in favour of lifestyle.   As a result, accommodation for the growing elderly demographic is likely to become an increasingly vexed question. There’s only so many spots available in aged care facilities; many [...]

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