Intellectual Property

Tonkin Drysdale Partners has expertise in assisting clients with intellectual property matters. You may be surprised to know the value that your business name, logo, trade secrets or designs have. They are assets that can be sold, licensed or assigned, but without protecting them properly, competitors can get away with copying them, and taking advantage of your good reputation. You may have also begun a website for your business, and it is important to consider the legal issues that arise, such as your rights to your domain name, or some website conditions of use.

Our experienced lawyers offer advice including the following:

  • Intellectual property contracts, licenses, and assignments;
  • Technology and media related contracts;
  • Trademark research and applications;
  • Website terms and conditions and disclaimers;
  • Advice on confidential information and trade secrets;
  • Copyright advice on ownership;
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property law is a difficult and complex area of the law that is constantly changing.

Often disputes arise, and need resolving in a timely and cost effective manner. At Tonkin Drysdale Partners we are committed to resolving your dispute so as to maximise your legal and commercial position.