Family Law


THE BITTERNESS OF FAMILY LAW – IS IT WORTH IT? Every now and again, a client comes along and is determined to have their day in court.  They tell you that they don't care how much it costs, "it is all about the principle". Fortunately, in most cases, with a bit of gentle persuasion, they [...]

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Legal risks associated with Social Media


What are the legal risks associated with using social media? So most of us, for personal or business, have some connection on social media, be it Facebook, Linked-in, or Twitter, but whilst you appreciate the benefits of being connected, do you really know what the legal risks are? If you are in business and someone [...]

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Emotion and Family Law Matters.


WHEN EMOTION GETS IN THE WAY OF A FAMILY LAW SETTLEMENT Most Family Law lawyers will tell you that many of their clients cases involve at least one party making decisions or pursuing matters that, but for the circumstances of their divorce, they wouldn't otherwise worry about.  Often, a family law client will want to [...]

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Criminal Law


Criminal Law: Threat of violence (Affray). With the increase of alcohol related violence, there is a need for people to be educated that their actions, even though they may not be carried out, carry a legal penalty. The threat of violence is one such act which carries a legal penalty that many may not be [...]

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Unfairly Dismissed


WORKER WHO CLAIMS SHE WAS POISONED AT WORK NOT UNFAIRLY DISMISSED A recent case before the Industrial Relations Commission in NSW found that an employer had not unfairly dismissed a worker who had claimed she was poisoned at work. The Applicant worked for the Pathology Department of a Western Sydney Hospital.  At the time of [...]

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