In NSW the Alcohol Interlock Program (AIP) was introduced in 2003.  In short the AIP allows a driver who has been disqualified for drink driving to apply to the Court to have an interlock device fitted to their car so that they can get back on the road sooner.

If approved to have a device fitted, an interlock device is fitted to the ignition of the car.  The driver is required to pass a breath test before the car can be started.  So that a driver does not arrange to have a friend take the test for them, the driver is required to take the test at various intervals.  If the driver fails the test, the vehicle is immobilised and the horn and lights of the vehicle are activated.

The AIP is useful for people who are convicted of a second or third drink driving offence or who have been charged with a high range reading.

The court is required to make two licence disqualification orders.  Firstly, the order relating to the total period of disqualification to be served and secondly a disqualification supervision order.  It is during the disqualification supervision period that the device can be fitted and a driver can recommence driving.

The driver is required to meet the costs of having the device fitted to the car.  The costs roughly are $150.00 for installation and $125.00 per month hire and service fee.

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