Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a new and unique way for separating and divorced couples to settle their family law dispute without the need to go to court. The issues that need to be resolved between the couples are discussed with the assistance of lawyers at ‘four way’ meetings attended by the separating spouses and the lawyers.

Unlike other mediation based services or the court, the parties are not limited to discussing problems regarding parenting, property and child support that are governed by the law. The parties are encouraged to focus on the needs of the children and themselves rather than on the rights as dictated by the Family Law Act.

A significant component of the collaborative process is a commitment that, in the event that the process breaks down, neither lawyer will represent their client in litigation. This ensures total commitment to the process and distinguishes Collaborative Practice from the litigation-based negotiation with which we are all familiar.

Collaborative Law also allows the participants to call on other professionals such as social workers, psychologists and financial planners to lend assistance in helping the whole family find an appropriate solution. All of the professionals, including the lawyers, who participate in the collaborative process are required to be collaboratively trained.

Both Paul Quinn and Lee Pawlak of our office have undertaken the Collaborative Law training and are members of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc.

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