I was appointed an Accredited Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of NSW in October 2017.

“Specialist Accreditation” is a special title that helps the public identify lawyers that have demonstrated expertise in their area of law.

To be acknowledged as an accredited specialist a lawyer must have worked in the field for several years. My field is family law. I have practised in family law for almost 10 years, across all aspects of the area and thought it was time to test my skills against the other leading family lawyers in the State. I also practise in Criminal Law and Civil Litigation in the Local, District and Supreme Courts.

The assessment process is conducted over many months. It includes complex assignments, a lengthy written exam and an in depth interview process by other acknowledged experts. The full spectrum of family law areas are assessed, including the most complex property and parenting issues. The assessment process is exhaustive, rigorous and exceptionally challenging.

The standard expected of all assessments completed is that of a “specially competent practitioner” in the chosen field.

It was a great thrill to receive notification of my recent appointment.

I am very thankful to my family and my partners at TDP for allowing me to make the substantial time commitment required.