DIY Wills, avoid the pitfalls

While watching the footy one Sunday afternoon I saw an advertisement for a company that offered pre-paid funeral policies. The company told the viewers that if they signed up within the next month they would receive, free of charge, a Will Kit. While DIY will kits sound like a good idea they can cause many headaches if something is done wrong.

The CEO of NSW Trustee and Guardian, Imelda Dodds recently said in a newsletter: One of the current challenges facing NSW Trustee & Guardian is the number of do-it-yourself Wills or Will kits we are now being asked to deal with because they are poorly constructed, difficult to interpret, ambiguous and/or invalid for a range of reasons.

With the complexities of family structures and mixed asset classes, and even just the legal requirements for the most simple of valid Wills, we continue to advise people to have their Will professionally drafted and kept up-to-date

At Tonkin Drysdale Partners we have had many years of assisting people prepare Wills.

By Paul Quinn